The Diss Blog

Welcome to my Dissertation Blog!

What goes here? This is mostly to document my experience with my dissertation, including the study, publications, and presentations involved.

Who is this for? The content of this blog is not meant to be the definitive how-to for dissertations in the humanistic social sciences or other disciplines. Instead, I’m thinking about my colleagues who are also graduate students and want to do similar projects but want a starting point–or a few tips/pointers from a real person who has done this recently.

A grain of salt: Again, this is all going to be highly specific to my own experience navigating the PhD. Some things may end up being outdated very quickly, and others may vary institution to institution.

  • My Presentation at WRAB 2023

    Hello to my fellow attendees of the 2023 Writing Research Across Borders conference! I look forward to meeting you and discussing our work together. I have a dedicated page for information on my WRAB talk, “Writing Programs Texts in Critical Times;” attendees and non-attendees alike are welcome to check it out.

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  • The Prospectus Defense

    The Prospectus Defense

    On January 19th, 2023, at 1pm, I will defend my dissertation prospectus. And you can watch! Read this post for more information on the dissertation prospectus defense.

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