I began teaching in my first year of graduate school, and teaching and mentoring is, without a doubt, one of my favorite parts of being a grad student.

At Purdue University, I’ve taught four sections of ENGL106 Introductory Composition.

At Oregon State University, I taught four sections of WR121 English Composition and one section of WR222 English Composition and Argumentation.

In addition to teaching, I’ve gotten to hold some exciting positions in writing program administration and mentoring:

At Purdue University, I am Assistant Director of Composition (AY22-23), after a year as Assessment Research Coordinator for Composition (AY21-22).

At Oregon State University, I was the GTA for the Writing Intensive Curriculum (AY19-20) after being an intern (AY18-19), and I was a Composition Assistant for the Writing Program (AY19-20).

In my teaching philosophy, you can read a little about how I see these positions come together to make me a better teacher, and in my student feedback, you can get a sense of how my students experience my classroom.